About Me

Hi there ! 

I'm Éva Gustavson, a third year VCD Illustration student at AUArts who loves process of making hazy ideas into concrete things. I especially love the process of painting because being completely consumed in the act of looking at colour never ceases to bring me joy. I work with a wide variety of subject matter, but often return to themes of personal memory, nature, and playful figures in space. 

In my illustrations, I use high chroma colours and curved shapes creating work that appeals to my inner child. My practice is grounded in acrylic painting, but has since expanded to collage, ink, digital paintings, interactive work, and short animations. My work is characterized by strong colours applied with impulsive marks. With each new piece, I find myself on a continuous journey of layering paint, achieving likeness, and finding a way of mark making that makes sense to me.

pronouns: she/her

Selected Exhibition Work

Selected Mural Work