About Me

Hi there !

I’m Éva Gustavson, a Calgary based illustration student who loves making things. I especially love the process of painting because being completely consumed in the act of looking at colour never ceases to bring me joy. You’ll soon notice I have a curious affinity for organic forms found in the Albertan landscapes that surround me. I work with a wide variety of subject matter, but often return to themes of narrative, nature, and figures in space.

I work quickly with strong colours in big brushstrokes of acrylic paint. My process is rarely planned out from start to finish. Instead, I have a habit of using a reference image I've taken, starting with a warm underpainting, then improvising with brush strokes and colour combinations. I revel in the struggle of balancing when a work is finished without losing its energy. With each piece, I find myself on a continuous journey of layering paint, trying to achieve likeness, and finding a way of putting down paint that makes sense to me.

pronouns: she/her

Selected Exhibition Work

  • 2022- People’s Portrait Prize. CSpace, Calgary, AB, Canada.

  • 2022- Artist from the Unknown. Strathcona Cultural Centre, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

  • 2022- Up All Night. Alberta University of the Arts Main Mall, Calgary, AB, Canada.

  • 2022- Art Crawl. Alberta University of the Arts Main Mall, Calgary, AB, Canada.

Selected Mural Work

  • 2021- Antyx/Springboard Collaborative Youth Mural. ContainR, Calgary, AB, Canada.

  • 2021- Genesis Diversity Collaborative Mural. Genesis Centre, Calgary , AB, Canada.

  • 2021- Brentwood Community Art Walk . Brentwood Walkways, Calgary, AB, Canada.