"Which Do You Prefer ?"

An Interrogation of Art and AI

Read the new information below, does this change your initial choice?

1) Created by AI

  • This work was created in 20 seconds through an open-source Artificial Intelligence Generator named "Stable Diffusion Dream Studio Beta."

  • Having been trained on millions of similar classically painted works, it developed this image with the following text prompt:

    • "An impressionist painting of a bouquet of sunflowers with big dull green leaves in a clear glass vase with harsh dark blue shadows, off-centre composition."

2) Created by a Visual Artist

  • This work was created by an artist over a 5 hour period in acrylic on canvas. It is done in the tradition of impressionist painters, painted from life and is an investigation of how unnatural light and shadow effect the colours of a bouquet of nearly dying sunflowers.

  • I have been painting for 11 years, countless hours dedicated to accumulating knowledge that is applied before you.

Please contemplate the following questions.

Do you think these composite AI images show the same empathy and intellectual ability as traditional paintings?

Can images created by AI be considered Art? Is Art-making unique to humanity?

Could this technology replace human illustrators, graphic designers and painters?